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Well Equiped instruments and skilled staff

The Art of Aesthetic surgery focuses on a natural rejuvenated look, not the common misconception of a surgically done appearance. We help you to achieve this scientifically

Patient monitoring equipments

Acute care physiologic monitoring system comprehensive patient monitoring systems that can be configured to continuously measure and display various parameters via electrodes and sensors connected to the patient.

Special Care units for Criticals

Our new patient rooms are designed for maximum comfort and privacy,with access to a host of new amenities. In addition to world-class accommodation and a warm ambience

Well Equiped Operation Theater

Operating rooms are sterile environments; all personnel wear protective clothing called scrubs. They also wear shoe covers, masks, caps, eye shields, and other coverings to prevent the spread of germs. The operating room is brightly lit and the temperature is very cool; operating rooms are air-conditioned to help prevent the disbalance of room temerature.Along with this a strong power backup is maintained in emergency situations.

Skilled Staff

Our Staff is well capable to handle the patient needs as well as cooperate in all the way to recover them as soon as possible, Apart from that each staff member is well aware of the advance and benefecial features of the instruments that are present in the clinic so that they make a good step to make their pateint healthy and take care of them.Every member is Well punctual in their duty and perform their tasks with complete dedications.

Healthy and Hygienic Environment

Clinic is provided with a well hygienic atmosphere and surrounded by greenery so that the patient feel good as he is in his home and recover soon, clinic non staff members daily engaged themselves in cleaning the clinic area ,patient rooms etc. Along with this special care of the patients who are just passed away through surgery. All these measures are taken for the goodwill of patients as well as visitors.


  • OT

    Well Equiped OT

  • Skilled Staff

  • Eco-Friendly Environment

  • About us

    We are an organization which has just sprouted in this world of ever expanding Health Industry with a vision to provide one of the best services possible at affordable cost. Also have a vision to offer services to the underprivileged people who are not able to afford good health facilities at very low cost and at times free of cost.

    We have a team of good young doctors with a backing of some experienced teachers who have made a mark in their respective fields. Read more...

  • Testimonials

    "I feel that this is one of the most pleasant clinics for patients I got approachable and encouraging attitudes from the nursing staff "
    "I have been a patient in several hospitals, and attended many departments, and I have to say that Falls and Surgical Service come top in my opinion, for care and consideration. ."
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